When the Dindrenzi Federation began to conceive their great plans for the conquest of the Storm Zone and Fathoms Reach, and the reduction of the Terran Alliance, they were immediately confronted with the need for allies to help take on the stellar powers opposing them.

Although backed – for their own reasons – by both the Relthoza Empire and the Directorate, Chairman Rufus Rense quickly realised that still further assistance would be needed. Rufus’ challenge was to balance the need for this additional alien help with the deep-seated Dindrenzi aversion to the non-human. As well as this, Rufus himself hardly trusted some of the factions whom the Federation would have to deal with to achieve their aims.

With the help of the ancient Directorate grandee Ervan Bas, Rufus pulled together a group of disparate Outer Reach factions into a workable alliance. He skilfully played on their individual ambitions and hunger for conquest to draw them in, while ensuring the whole structure remained – at least outwardly – firmly under Dindrenzi control to appease the more xenophobic of his own people.

The League’s signatories are all motivated by intense self-interest. The scheming Kedorians and militant Illosians seek power and vengeance; the ruthless Ba’Kash war booty and the intimidating Works Raptor Corporation plunder of a far more sinister kind. But, heavily policed by the Rense System Navy, the League’s actions ultimately support the Dindrenzi crusade. As far as Chairman Rufus is concerned, the ends justify the means!

Zenian League Major RacesEdit

  1. Dindrenzi Federation
  2. The Directorate
  3. The Relthoza

Zenian League Minor RacesEdit

  1. Ba’Kash
  2. Illosians
  3. Kedorians
  4. Rense System Navy
  5. Works Raptor Corporation

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