One of the most infamous corporations in the Directorate – a notable feat in itself – Works Raptor was one of the original triumvirate of economic hyperpowers which founded the corporate state. However, while its partners Hark-Williams and Melcon continued to diversify their activities, Works Raptor embarked upon a far darker path.

Under its partially cybernetic and fully sociopathic CEO, Lorenzo Thurm, Works Raptor dedicated itself wholly to the design and manufacture of ever more potent and destructive weaponry, from small arms to planet-scouring devices of horrific power.

Manipulated along its path by its fellow corporations taking advantage of Thurm’s single-mindedness, Works Raptor developed into an elite corporate military force of staggering power but – apparently – very narrow-minded objectives.

Not only were their ships and weapons systems at the forefront of Directorate technological achievement, but they also developed many of the corporate state’s infamous Special Forces terror-troops, using a combination of cybernetic enhancement and brutal biochemical manipulation.

It is Works Raptor forces which have been at the forefront of the Directorate’s ‘hands-on’ efforts to influence the triggering and expansion of the new war. Many of the raids that plagued Aquan and Sorylian space were spearheaded by Works Raptor forces, driven by their insatiable hunger for new specimens for their horrific experimentation.

The fighting corporation’s ships were also instrumental in the ‘black ops’ attacks against frontier Dindrenzi worlds, including the infamous bombardment of Soul’s Rest, which helped drive even the doubters of the Federation into war fever.

Works Raptor’s warships have an appearance as cruel and deadly as the company’s reputation. However, they are rarely seen until their killing strikes fall, for their jagged profiles are formed of overlapping plates of advanced stealth materials.

They are well armed, with a mix of searing plasma batteries and torpedo tubes, the latter used especially for heavy bombardment of asteroid and planetary installations. Works Raptor makes greater use of terrible chemical and biological agents than even their fellow corporations. Some large warships have even been rumoured to employ nanotech weaponry.

Works Raptor ships always carry substantial number of cyborg and gene-morph assault troops, and relish the chance to test their capabilities. These terrifying creatures are a match for the toughest opponents in ship-to-ship combat.


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