The Veydreth are a race of brutal raiders, native to Muishkin’s Rift in the galactic southern regions of Terran Alliance space. They are large, powerful centauroid creatures, fearsome in appearance and nicknamed ‘star dragons’ by early Terran explorers.

The Veydreth have no single ‘nation’, but instead are organised into many different tribal groups, loosely overseen by the Akrahnavaar, a council of the most powerful chieftains. What unites all Veydreth is their taste for piracy and savage combat.

The worlds they inhabit are believed to be resource-poor, and when Terran colonists began to settle the regions around Muishkin’s Rift, they quickly found themselves coming under attack from Veydreth raiders. They struck virtually at random in terrifying lightning assaults, and proved virtually impossible to pin down, with Muishkin’s Rift being exceptionally hard to navigate.

However, the Terrans themselves managed to earn the Veydreth’s respect in the process – the savage aliens admired the sheer persistence and fighting spirit of the Terran colonial forces.
Eventually, the Terran government and the Akrahnavaar came to terms with the Treaty of Vanderghast. This established a formal, though tenuous, trade connection and drastically reduced the size and number of Veydreth raids.

In space combat, the Veydreth favour swift and manoeuvrable craft. Their vessels carry large weapon arrays, built around the most powerful drive systems they can maintain.

Veydreth ships do not employ shields, their engineers preferring to rely on speed, strong hulls and overwhelming firepower. They do however mount many mine dispensers, allowing them to shape battlefields to their advantage.

Veydreth weapons systems are a combination of chemical lasers of their own design, supplemented with Terran-sourced coil assisted projectile weaponry and torpedo tubes as a potent alpha-strike weapon.

When their firepower is insufficient, or sometimes out of preference, Veydreth ships will strike at their enemies with massed boarding actions. Veydreth warriors are terrifying at close quarters. They supplement their natural armour with heavy power-assisted battle-rigs and wield a huge variety of powerful short-ranged personal firearms.

Soon after he began to assemble his great alliance, the astute Anton Kurak quickly realised that the savage Veydreth would make useful military assets against Dindrenzi or other aggression. Working through his Hawker Consortium contacts, Kurak’s agents approached the Akrahnavaar, with offers of generous mercenary contracts.

The fierce aliens responded with overwhelming enthusiasm. Large numbers of Veydreth tribes are migrating wholesale to the Storm Zone, eager to test their deadly weapons and battle skills against a whole new array of opponents.


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