One of the newest ships of the Navy of the Terran Satellite Charter (NTSC), the Tyrant Class Battleship is a force to be reckoned with. The class was created from the 'Spearpoint Project', a joint effort by Hawker Industries and NTSC engineers to create next-generation warships. The sudden appearance of this vessel in the Storm Zone came as a nasty surprise to the Dindrenzi.

An advanced warship, the Tyrant class was developed in order to give the NTSC, whose fleets were often based around hard wearing but older designs, a new tactical edge. The NTSC and Hawker Industries reached out to their allies within the Alliance of Kurak for ideas and technology. In the end, they drew together a wealth of new information, much of it from the Aquans, and incorporated it into their design. As with all Terran Alliance warships, the Tyrant boasts potent shields capable of absorbing a terrifying amount of punishment, along with strong, long ranged torpedo armaments. Aquan based laser weapons, which can be installed on many Terran ships, were built in as standard. A consequence of this is that the Tyrant is more similar to Aquan vessels in firepower than Terran. NTSC ships are often brawlers, at their best when close in with the enemy. The Tyrant is better when further away, its beam weapons struggling when the range decreases. The characteristic nuclear weapons used by the Terran Alliance are also absent, meaning the Tyrant has to be more precise with its attacks. The engines also appear to be sourced from Aquan technology, as the Tyrant, if properly configured, is capable of an impressive turn of speed and agility virtually unseen in any other Terran ship in its weight class. Advanced Terran technology has also been used in the Tyrant, as it is possible to equip it with a short range shield projector, a newer device previously only seen on Aegis Cruisers and battlestations.