The Directorate
Scourge of The Outer Reach
Biology Human
Government Corporation
Plasma Weapons
Biological Weapons
Chemical Weapons
Associated Factions
Zenian League
Deep in the Outer Reach, beyond the territory of the Dindrenzi state, lies the most advanced – and certainly the most sinister – human stellar dominion. This is the Directorate.

The Directorate was created at the end of the first Outer Reach secession war by a consortium of immensely powerful corporations. They bought their political freedom from Terra in return for promising technological and economic support for the Terran government.

But the treacherous corporate overlords quickly betrayed the Terrans when the second secession war broke out, backing the Dindrenzi separatists. The Directorate has enjoyed a highly profitable relationship with the Dindrenzi Federation ever since.

For the Directorate however, this is just another alliance of convenience. The corporations have worked hard behind the scenes to create and inflame the new Dindrenzi war against the Terrans. The Directorate helped found the Zenian League, and even organised covert attacks on their own ‘allies’ to push them into the conflict. Their motives for all this are simple – war is good business, and to the victor go the spoils.

Despite being few in number, the Directorate’s Security Fleets operate some of the most formidable warships in service. Heavily automated for maximum efficiency, Directorate ships incorporate highly advanced technology, such as cloaking fields.

Directorate vessels are festooned with deadly plasma projector batteries to burn huge holes in enemy warships. But their plasma bombardments alone are only one part of the horror. The same projectors are used to ‘inject’ capsules containing lethal pathogens and chemical weaponry into shattered enemy ships to complete the devastation.

Directorate Captains consider every engagement to be a live firing test for their latest weaponry. Chemical and biological torpedoes and terrifying cybernetic and gene-modified assault troops are among the many destructive tools in their arsenals.

Hated and feared in equal measure, the Directorate’s fleets have acquired the darkest of reputations within the Alliance of Kurak. They come not only to destroy, but to abduct and pillage. Wherever the Directorate’s sinister, crablike ships are sighted, terror and chaos soon follow.