Terran Alliance
Guardians of The Charter
Biology Human
Government Unknown
Atomic Ordinance
Mass Drivers
Atomic Lasers
Associated Factions
Alliance of Kurak
Many decades ago, the Terran Alliance governed all of human-controlled space – the greatest and most powerful astral empire in this galactic quadrant. This massive star-spanning dominion was tied together by an enormous network of high-speed communications beacons, giving it its other common name – the Terran Satellite Charter.

But such grandeur was not to last. The Terran Alliance was weakened first by the treachery of the Directorate, and then the secession of the wealthy Outer Reach domains, which became the Dindrenzi Federation. Worse, the Terrans’ destruction of Dramos at the climax of the secession war made true reconciliation impossible.

Now the resurgence of the conflict, beginning with the shattering Dindrenzi attack on the Storm Zone, has sent the Terrans reeling. Dozens of colonies fell to the initial assaults, while the remaining defenders struggled to hold the line.

Nevertheless, the Terran Alliance is determined to stand firm. Even now, the mighty Hub and Fortress Fleets move to stem the Dindrenzi tide. Vast Armadas of fearsome warships, crewed by the best and bravest the Alliance has to offer are setting forth for the Storm Zone, weapons charged to blast their way to ultimate victory.

Terran ships are known for their immense reliability, thanks to their dependence on old but tried and tested technology. Much has been improved and augmented with knowledge and resources supplied by the alien races of the Alliance of Kurak, turning these dependable craft into stalwart engines of destruction.

Despite their age, Terran warships are heavily armed. Serried broadsides of massdrivers hurl volleys of hull-cracking explosive ordnance, while some newer ships mount high-energy atomic lasers capable of slicing enemy craft into ragged chunks.

But the most infamous Terran weapons are their ‘nukes’. Fission ordnance may be old-fashioned, but is still capable of terrifying destruction. From centrally mounted massdrivers and huge torpedo batteries the Terrans deploy tac-nuke munitions, as well as the terrible ‘Decimator’ Type 3 atomic warheads. With these mighty weapons at their command, Terran Captains are ready to send their Zenian League foes fleeing back to the Outer Reach.

While the Terran Alliance is no longer the supreme power it once was, its days of glory have by no means finished. The Terrans will to fight tooth and nail to defend what is theirs, and the scarred face of Dramos bears mute testimony to their awesome power.

Task ForceEdit

Just as the other five main races, The Terrans have been adapted to Spartan's Fast-paced rendition of Firestorm, Firestor: Task Force. In Task Force, The terran Alliance has a fleet tactics bonus of 1. The following ships have been updated to include Task Force stats:

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