To the galactic north of the Aquan Sebrutan lies a long but relatively narrow line of star systems called the Harrison Belt by the Terrans. Mineral-rich but poor in liquid water, the Belt systems are also home to this quadrant’s most mysterious inhabitants; the Tarakians.

The Tarakians have called the Harrison Belt home for as long as anyone can remember. But despite their ancient occupation of the Belt, they are not native to this galactic quadrant. Although accepting of both human and Aquan traders, the Tarakians have mostly held themselves aloof from the rest of the quadrant’s affairs.

Stories surrounding the Tarakians claim that they settled in the Harrison Belt having fled from some strange power that overwhelmed their original homes. The Tarakians have certainly transformed the worlds into formidable strongholds, and much of their society seems structured around keeping watch over the cold void beyond the Belt.

Despite their lack of expansionist interest, Tarakian fleets have been encountered throughout known space. They have been known to mount fierce attacks on corsairs and other raiders, and many a convoy beset by raiders has had reason to thank the intervention of the ‘Watchmen of the Stars’.

Tarakian weaponry is formidable indeed, and unlike any other known weapon systems. Most of their weapons appear to work by creating strong gravity distortions around and within their victims. Hulls and structures, and the crews within, are stretched, compressed or distorted until they rip apart, spilling their contents into the void. Some compartments swell up like bubbles, while others implode with a scream of tortured metal.

The Tarakian alignment with the Alliance of Kurak was unexpected, but a welcome surprise nonetheless. Though still rather distant from their new allies, many Tarakian flotillas have been reported entering battle in the Storm Zone and Fathoms Reach, the enigmatic aliens seeking to keep the peace – with overwhelming firepower.


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