Since its origins in the Rift, The Syndicate has become a force to be reckoned with in the larger confines of the Storm Zone. The shady Vylia’sal Syndicate extended its hold and infiltration of the former Rift Traders League, using subterfuge, political scheming and ultimately, brute force. Using the legitimate trading front of the RTL, the Syndicate grew even larger and more powerful, forging stronger links with Terran Alliance worlds, leaders and even military assets. Eventually it grew to the point where it transformed itself into an organisation that could stand outside of the shelter of the Rift, confident in its position as a partner to the strongest galactic powers. Thus was born the Syndicated Traders League (STL). This could not have come at a better time for Tauris, since the loss (and presumed destruction) of the Supermax-89 facility on one of its more dangerous enforcement missions. Nevertheless, his political manoeuvring with key Terran players has given him access to a number of older and previously decommissioned Reformer-class stations which he has used to great effect – so much so that even Terran Admirals have fielded these assets themselves. This newly-wielded legitimacy meant Tauris Vylia’sal could even broker an uneasy amnesty from the many Aquan Sebrutan warrants held against him. This is not something that pleased the Aquan hierarchy, but the unbridled political power Tauris wields amongst many of the Alliance of Kurak members, including the powerful Terrans, now meant they had little choice in the matter. He is not welcomed by the Aquans, but he is tolerated – for the time being, at least. Stronger ties with the Kurak Alliance have allowed Tauris to strengthen his position against OmniDyne’s interference in his dealings in the Rift and further afield. Although this rivalry has continued to simmer, the STL and OmniDyne factions will cooperate for mutual benefit, usually when some venture of dubious legality and high profitability is involved. This is probably down to the relentless pursuit of personal power of both Tauris and OmniDyne’s successful CEO Asger Nerivar – two individuals of equal drive, ruthlessness and complete amorality


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