"Storm Fleet - Still Standing" - Moral boosting motto of the Terran Alliance

One of the 4 primary divisions of the Navy of the Terran Satellite Charter (NTSC), the Storm Fleet is tasked with the defense of Terran Alliance holdings within the heavily contested Storm Zone. The Storm Fleet benefits from the most experienced officers and crew serving within the NTSC, as they guard the Terran Alliances only direct border with the Dindrenzi Federation. Even before the current conflicts with the Zenian invaders, the Storm Fleet saw regular action against raiders, pirates, and alien attack forces. Their headquarters in the New Concord system has some of the best dockyards and repair facilities in all of the Terran Alliance, as well as the most heavily guarded.

When the Zenian League attack came, the Storm Fleet was unfortunately ill-prepared for dealing with an invasion of such magnitude. Early losses were very high, and Alliance forces were driven out of many systems. Though the Storm Fleet gave a ferocious accounting of itself, the scale of the attack was simply too much to allow for conventional fleet actions. Quickly forced to fall back on harder wearing, older technology like coil based mass drivers over the newer beam weapons, the Storm Fleet had to change tactics. They pooled all their remaining warships to massively reinforce a small number of key systems surrounding New Concord, defending the strategic wormhole gates that allow communication and supply's to reach them. These formidable security cordons have yet to fall, and ensure continuing Terran Alliance resistance in the Storm Zone.

The aggressive nature of the Storm Fleet meant it wasn't satisfied with holding back in their secured systems. Many powerful Satellite Charter Armadas (SCAs) have been deployed, usually based around their remaining Dreadnoughts and Battleships. Since the Storm Fleet holds the home field advantage (ie, they are fighting in their own backyards), many secret facilities have been established in asteroid fields and other hidden areas. Mimicking the tactics of the raiders they hunted for so long, these forces appear suddenly, unleash a furious attack against the enemy, and then vanish back to their secret bases to resupply and prepare for the next strike. The continuing offensive actions by the Storm Fleet have been a much needed source of propaganda for the Terrans, and have forced the Zenian League to devote large numbers of ships to rear-echelon security duties.