Sorylian Collective
Warriors of Kerender
Biology Reptilian
Government Unknown
Mass Drivers
Associated Factions
Alliance of Kurak
The Sorylians are a race of sentient reptilians. Their stellar domain extends to the south of the Storm Zone, occupying a broad region of space between the Terran Alliance and the Dindrenzi Federation.

Sorylian civilisation is ancient and introverted, but technologically advanced. They normally prefer a cautious, methodical approach to matters, guided by their conservative mindset and cold-blooded patience.

They are not especially warlike, and hard to stir to states of high emotion. However, they are very dangerous opponents once roused to anger, combining brutal strength with keen if rather rigid intellect.

Although hard-pressed by the Zenian offensive’s southern arm, the Sorylians are rallying their strength for a massive counterattack. While they signed up to the Alliance of Kurak out of pragmatism, they are unswerving in their loyalty to their allies.

Sorylian warships are deliberately over-engineered and designed for survivability. Immensely strong and durable, their characteristically curved hulls are specially shaped to resist damage.

For weaponry, they rely on large broadsides of potent massdrivers firing thermal explosives. Their unique targeting systems allow these weapons to fill the space around a target with deadly projectiles, like a massive shotgun blast.

These barrages are timed to ensure the maximum ratio of hits to munitions expended, and the broadsides are supplemented by thermal torpedoes for added punch. Though short-ranged, Sorylian gunnery can shred an enemy ship with a single salvo.

Sorylian warships incorporate sophisticated temperature control systems. In battle, Sorylian captains turn up the heat, heightening their crews’ alertness and aggression. This makes Sorylian vessels, with their complements of elite, heavily-armed Skvarr marines, very dangerous in boarding assaults. Few enemies can withstand them in ship-to-ship combat.

Though initially outnumbered, the Sorylian border fleets have proven redoubtable in fighting the Zenian League. The Alliance of Kurak will surely receive a huge boost when the full might of the Sorylian military juggernaut is unleashed on their enemies.

Task ForceEdit

Just as the other five main races, The Sorylians have been adapted to Spartan's Fast-paced rendition of Firestorm, Firestor: Task Force. In Task Force, The Sorylian Collective has a fleet tactics bonus of 1. The following ships have been updated to include Task Force stats: