When a model with the Shunt Matrix MAR activates it may declare that it is going to perform a Battle Shunt. The model must choose a number of D6 between 2 and 8 that determines the random distance of its Battle Shunt move. It declares which direction it will move in, and what its final orientation will be (this DOES NOT include pointing at a particular target). Roll the chosen number of dice for the Battle Shunt; the total determines the exact distance in inches that the model MUST move in a straight line in the direction that it declared. Once the model has moved it MUST be placed with the orientation that was declared. A Battle Shunt IGNORES the rules for intervening Terrain and Mines. A model CAN declare that it is going to Cut Engines after a Battle Shunt. A model fires normally after a Battle Shunt and CAN perform a Boarding Assault. If a model ends its move in an Asteroid Field it MUST perform a Manoeuvre Test. If the model ends its move in a Planetoid it is Destroyed automatically.