The Ryushi were once one of the most powerful races in the Outer Reach, ruling a prosperous trading empire within the Devonian Systems. Although they were never a very numerous people, their substantial technology base and their notable tolerance for other races – a rare thing the Outer Reach – made them wealthy and influential.

All that changed with the second secession war and the rise of the Dindrenzi state. Although the Ryushi remained neutral, like most of the non-humans of the Reach, they had developed many trading ties with the Terran domains of the Storm Zone and Fathoms Reach and tried to retain these after the war.

However, the devious Kedorians, the Ryushi’s main rivals in the Devonian Systems, used this as a means to supplant them. The Ryushi fell victim to a conspiracy between the Kedorians and the militant Illosians. Both races accused their rivals of spying for Terra, bringing the wrath of the Dindrenzi state and the Rense System Navy down upon the Ryushi.

In a short but ruthless war, the grossly outnumbered Ryushi were driven from their ancestral home systems. Now spacefaring wanderers, they sought refuge in the Storm Zone and Fathoms Reach. The Ryushi have become bitter and hardened by their experience. They long for vengeance against those who cast them down. With the outbreak of the new war, the chance has finally arrived!


The Ryushi have diligently prepared for their war of revenge. Their great space fleets, once mostly merchant craft, have been extensively refitted and transformed into deadly warships.
The Ryushi themselves are physically formidable creatures, large humanoids standing nearly nine feet tall. However, they are averse to close-quarters combat unless absolutely necessary; partly because of their disdain for it, but mostly since every Ryushi life is precious and must be preserved at all costs.

Ryushi vessels are heavily protected with armour and advanced shielding, the better to ensure crew safety. Although their major ships are well armed with torpedo clusters and heavy railguns, the Ryushi’s true strength lies in using expendable mechanical pawns to keep the enemy at arm’s length in combat.

The Ryushi make great use of drone technology, with their smaller warships and attack craft either entirely automated or controlled by specially trained personnel based in their heavier ships. Enemy vessels facing Ryushi forces are frequently overwhelmed and shredded by huge waves of dispassionate robotic killing machines, which the exiles are willing to expend virtually without limit.


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