The Resolute Class Cruiser often forms the backbone of Hawker Industries' fleets. A dependable and well rounded ship, it is capable of fulfilling a wide range of battle field duties. Like all Hawker vessels, the first thing one notices about the Resolute is its resilience. The Resolute is capable of taking a tremendous amount of punishment and still complete its job. Recently upgraded with shielding systems and modern armor plating, this already tough ship has become even tougher, rivaling that of a heavy cruiser while still maintaining a cruisers speed and operating costs. Multiple batteries of mass drivers and torpedoes make up its offensive armament, giving it a nasty punch. Nuclear ordnance can be mounted to the ship as well, making it even more deadly. Updated communication and sensor gear rounds out the refit of these venerable warships. The Resolute will no doubt play an important role in throwing back the Zenian invaders.