The first military vessel produced by Hawker Industries in years, the Regent Class Carrier is a hybrid spacecraft. Taking much of the hull design from a commercial freighter and using re-purposed spare parts from the Excelsior Battleship has allowed Hawker to produce these vessels quickly. The Regent is no lesser ship for it though, and boasts the ruggedness present in all Hawker vessels. Most of its weapon systems coming from the Excelsior, the Regent packs a surprising amount of firepower for a carrier. Carrying torpedoes, broadsides and turrets, not to mention the craft it takes into battle make it a formidable brawler. For an added punch, the ship can be upgraded with the same cyberwarfare weapons suite as the Excelsior, and can also be equipped with nuclear weapons. As Hawker doesn't currently produce any fighter or bomber space craft, they have modified their small racing craft, sold to rich civilians, to make them suitable for battle. The addition of military grade weapons and software has been achieved with little performance loss, giving Hawker pilots swift and agile craft that make them the envy of many of their peers.