Highly intelligent and astute to the point of deviousness, the Kedorians are one of the most successful of alien species dwelling in the Outer Reach. The Kedorian Sphere of influence stretches between the Devonian and Babbage Systems, and also encompasses a number of other very minor alien species, some confined to single worlds. These ‘servitor’ races perform roles that the sophisticated Kedorians themselves consider beneath them.

The Kedorians managed to preserve the integrity of their confederation even in the face of rapid human expansion all around them. The Kedorians were one of the few alien species to actively take sides in the second secession war, opening up their shipyards and docks in the Babbage worlds to the Rense-led separatists. This played a large part in securing victory for the nascent Dindrenzi, and earned the Kedorians the respect of the new human state.

The Confederation Council used its new status as an effective political tool, conspiring with the Illosians to supplant the Ryushi in their old territories in the Reach. Now that war has come again, the Kedorians have joined the Zenian League, hoping to use their co-operation to expand their territories once more.

Kedorian spacecraft resemble great floating citadels built upon disc-shaped hull-platforms which house their omni-directional plasma drives. Although slow and stately, much of their power is channelled into highly efficient deflection shielding and massive pulse-laser batteries.

Their laser weapons are very rapid-firing, capable of widely dispersed fire to smother small, light targets, and intensely focused volleys to overload shielding and burn specific sections of larger enemy ships. These laser batteries cover every angle of approach – Kedorian ships have no vulnerable quarters.

Although disdainful of physical combat themselves, the Kedorians employ large numbers of their more aggressive servitor races as assault troops. However, the Kedorians do make good combat pilots, as this ‘noble craft’ allows Kedorians to experience the thrill of combat without getting their hands dirty. Confederation Carriers ship large wings of attack craft, often used for final strikes against enemy units crippled by Kedorian laser batteries.