The great betrayal by the corporations that became the Directorate left the Terran Alliance with a lingering distrust of large private companies. However, there is one notable exception – the honorable Hawker Consortium.

Hawker is one of the oldest industrial concerns in human space. Hawker-built ships carried the first Terran colonists to the stars, and the company was a key player in the construction and maintenance of the communications system that bound the far-flung human colonies together.

Long held up as a byword for quality engineering, at one point Hawker was the greatest corporation in human history, dwarfing even the mighty Hark-Williams. However, Hawker allowed itself to become complacent, relying on large Terran government contracts rather than driving the cutting edge of design.

When the Outer Reach seceded, Hawker’s fortunes declined considerably. However, it managed to stay in being, supplying reliable colony ships to the Dresden Stream expansion effort. Hawker also developed extensive contacts among Terra’s many alien allies, overcoming their research gap by adapting traded technology.

With the outbreak of the new war, Hawker’s fortunes have soared once more. Many old shipyards, mothballed for years, are being brought back on line, as the mighty heart of this industrial and military powerhouse begins to beat again.

As well as building new vessels, Hawker has also mobilized vast numbers of powerful warships from its reserve fleets for the Terran Alliance cause. Although elderly, Hawker’s high quality engineering and construction has stood the test of time. Their warships are nicknamed ‘Ironclads’ for their strength and integrity.

Refitted for the rigors of modern combat with Dispersion Shield technology, Hawker vessels are very heavily armed. Although mostly depending on standard Terran weaponry – including nuclear ordnance – some Hawker vessels also mount non-standard systems, spliced into their adaptable hulls by the corporation’s skilled engineers.

A key component of the Alliance of Kurak, Hawker forces add a powerful edge to combined Alliance forces, as well as operating independently. As well as crushing firepower, Hawker vessels also carry highly trained teams of intelligence operatives. Often surpassing even Terran state spymasters in expertise, Hawker’s ‘Hunters’ frequently give front-line commanders a vital tactical edge.