The Fortress Fleet is coming! - Slogan for hard pressed Terran fleets

Tasked with protecting the massive area between the Terran Hub, Fathoms Reach, and the borders of the Sorylian and Aquan empires, the Fortress Fleet is easily the largest of the 4 main divisions of the Navy of the Terran Satellite Charter (NTSC). Its headquarters is the vital Fortress System, home to a number of massive wormhole gates that lead to many parts of Terran space. So important is this system, that its defense is considered as vital as the protection of Terra itself to the Alliance of Kurak.

The Fortress Fleet serves as the primary pool of the NTSC's strength, bolstering hard pressed areas with their massive numbers as needed. In fact,the Fortress Fleet is so large, that it is at best highly problematic to deploy it rapidly to the fronts in the Storm Zone and Fathoms Reach. The logistical challenges of coordinating such a vast number of warships means that they have thus far only been deployed piecemeal to the most vital of warzones. Though lacking in experience, the sheer weight of numbers means that detachments from this fleet can secure victory in even dire circumstances.

The Fortress Fleet possess some of the most modern shipyards in the Terran Alliance, having become the headquarters of Terran military shipbuilding while the Hub Systems devote their own efforts to supplying the Dresden Stream Expansion. Many corporations, including Hawker Industries, operate shipyards, churning out advanced warships for the growing conflict. This, combined with the time needed to deploy their large numbers, means that the Fortress Fleet benefits from the most advanced warships in the NTSC. Older vessels are upgraded with new technology during the wait time, giving them a large portion of their tonnage modern weapons and shielding equipment.