Dindrenzi Federation Cruiser Group
Product Number FADF15
Release Date Unknown
Game Version 2.0
MSRP £22.00
Still in Print? Yes
Type Blister Pack
True to Dindrenzi tactical doctrine, both their Cruisers and Heavy cousins mount blisteringly powerful Arcbolt Railguns which can hammer at the enemy from the outside of battle. However, where the Secutors are built with swift engines to easily manoeuvre and aim their formidable weapons, the Murmillo Class Heavy Cruisers are much more durable and supplement their Railguns with more powerful secondary weapons.

Contains: 3 Cruiser Hulls and the parts to make either 3 Secutor Class Cruisers or 3 Murmillo Class Heavy Cruisers. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.