A ship designed and built by the ancient Hawker Industries, the Excelsior was first fielded centuries ago during the First Secession War. A powerful vessel, at the time it was cutting edge, boasting an extremely durable hull and over-lapping batteries of mass drivers, and multiple redundancy electronic systems. The Excelsior helped the Terran Alliance win the First Secession War.

After the war however, Hawker lost interest in military ship building, and concentrated its efforts on the more profitable civilian sector. Its many military ship yards and research facilities were shut down, and Hawker disappeared from the military world. Recently though, with the attack by the Zenian League, Hawker's leadership came to realize that they couldn't rely simply on the Navy of the Terran Satellite Charter (NTSC) to defend them. Their own shipbuilding facilities and technology were being targeted by rival companies within the Directorate, and they must aid in their own defense. Large numbers of mothballed Hawker warships, including many Excelsior's, were brought back online. Shipwrights desperately fitted these old vessels with additional armor plating, shielding vanes and new communications and weapons systems. Such is the skill and tenacity of Hawker workers though, that these rushed preparations have been very successful. Once again, the Excelsior stands in defense of Terra.

The Excelsior is an amazingly durable vessel, bearing armor thickness normally seen in dreadnoughts, as well as new shielding systems. Its weapons, though outdated, are still a force to be reckoned with, especially when outfitted with nuclear ordnance. They can also be outfitted with Cyberwarfare systems, allowing Hawker to hack into the enemy's computers and wreak havoc from within them. While not as flexible as many of the NTSC warships, the Excelsior is still a dangerous foe, and shows the determination of Hawker to resist the invaders.