Dindrenzi Federation
The Children of Ignatius
Biology Human
Government Federation
Ablative Armor
Associated Factions
Zenian League

Despite existing as an independent stellar empire for little more than two centuries, the Dindrenzi Federation has risen to become one of the greatest powers of this galactic quadrant.

The Dindrenzi Federation was born of war, its people wresting the Outer Reach from suffocating Terran dominance. But the cost was high – their prized capital planet Dramos perished in Terran nuclear fire.

That the Dindrenzi won their freedom is down to three factors; their great wealth, advanced technology, and the character of the Dindrenzi themselves – hardy, determined and when necessary utterly ruthless.

Although they were victorious, the razing of their capital left many Dindrenzi hungry for true revenge. Now, at the head of the Zenian League, they have unleashed their mighty Battle Fleets upon the Storm Zone, driven by a potent rallying cry – ‘Remember Dramos!’

The great warships of the Dindrenzi fleets are built on efficient, uncompromising lines. Clad in multiple layers of ablative armour, these fearsome, sword-shaped vessels are designed to smash their way through any opposition like mighty battering rams.

Behind their brutal facades, Dindrenzi vessels are technologically advanced. Most mount immense railguns as their main weaponry, firing hypervelocity salvoes capable of clinically wrecking enemy ships piece by piece.

Once the target has been broken open, Dindrenzi Captains follow up with lethal torpedo attacks. These weapons are supported by gun-racks – galleries of smaller, rapid-firing railguns covering the vessels’ flanks.

The Dindrenzi are determined to avenge Dramos, but more than that, they believe they are the true heirs of star-faring humanity. They will not stop until Terra itself lies beneath the Dindrenzi heel.

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Just as the other five main races, The Dindrenzi have been adapted to Spartan's Fast-paced rendition of Firestorm, Firestor: Task Force. In Task Force, The Dindrenzi Federation has a fleet tactics bonus of 3. The following ships have been updated to include Task Force stats:


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