Few races in Firestorm Armada have managed to perfect the art of hiding electromagnetic emissions in all spectra (including visible light) to the point of usefulness whilst still being able to manoeuvre and perform other functions. The Relthoza are the primary protagonists of this technology, employing their pervasive nanotechnology to handle the problem. The only other faction to achieve a viable cloaking solution are the Directorate, and this only by experimental means on a few select ships (their carriers being a notable category). As the Directorate also manufacture most of the ships for the RSN, cloaking also appears in their repertoire, and they are one of the few races rich enough to purchase this rare ability from the Directorate.

In practical in-game application, a cloaking field halves the incoming AD of any direct weapon system fired against the ship. This makes cloaked ships extremely difficult to damage, especially at range and when combined with the Stealth Systems MAR. Indirect weapons are not affected, so torpedoes, mines, cyberwarfare and SRS attacks remain at full strength against them. This protection comes at a cost, however, since whilst cloaks are active, they have the same effects on outgoing direct fire, halving the AD pool.