Native to the under-reaches of the Storm Zone, the hardy Ba’Kash are a race of fearless pirates and raiders. Hailing from poorly-resourced worlds and loosely organised, the Ba’Kash are at the hardscrabble end of life in this galactic quadrant. However, this tough existence has honed them into ferocious fighters and bold spacefarers.

Always in competition for resources with more numerous and better-organised species such as humans and Sorylians, the Ba’Kash relish great wars like no other race. For them, full-scale conflict heralds a time of plenty. Many Ba’Kash Clans served as mercenaries for both sides during the human secession wars.

Now, however, the Ba’Kash have flocked to the banner of the Zenian League, lured by the promise of untold riches for the services they can provide – namely fighting, raiding and pillaging. As far as the Ba’Kash are concerned, this is what they do to survive in any case.

The Ba’Kash prefer to rely on simple, reliable starships and weaponry. The bulk of their space-borne firepower consists of large massdrivers similar to Terran types, supplemented by batteries of high-explosive torpedoes.

Many Ba’Kash craft incorporate moveable armoured shells surrounding their inner hulls. These heavy shields are locked in place for added protection until they launch their assaults. The opening of a Ba’Kash vessel’s shielding is like the yawning of a shark’s maw. Only in this case, the shark’s ‘teeth’ consist of massed cannons, speeding warheads and at close range, ravening groups of Ba’Kash themselves.

As befits their nature, the Ba’Kash prefer to strike from ambush or concealment, falling upon isolated enemy ships and crippling rather than destroying them. Once targets are rendered helpless, the Ba’Kash unleash massed boarding assaults to overwhelm the enemy crews.

Ba’Kash Clan-Fleets now roam the Storm Zone and beyond, adding the shadow of apparently random violence to the challenges plaguing the Kurak Alliance, and serving the Zenians well as disruptive saboteurs and scouts.


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