The Artemis Class Destroyer is the sniper of the Navy of the Terran Satellite Charter (NTSC). Its fore fixed weapons are capable of taking out targets at extreme ranges, often without the enemy being able to respond. When at full stop, with its emission signatures minimized as much as possible, it becomes effectively invisible to long ranged detectors. It is able to turn itself without activating its engines, meaning it can track targets and remain undetected. Combined, these abilities make it able to lay silently in wait, picking off targets of opportunity who usually have no idea what is attacking them. When upgraded to carry nuclear ordnance, it becomes even more deadly, able to pick off entire squadrons of lesser warships with well placed volleys of nuclear destruction.


Primary Weapons 8" 16" 24" 32"
Starboard/Port 3 5 - -
Fore (Fixed) 5 6 7 6