One of the greatest achievements of the Terran government has been its fostering of cordial relations between Terran Alliance and many of its immediate alien neighbours. The process was long and at times very difficult, especially with regards to more belligerent species. But with the coming of the Dindrenzi invasion, it now looks set to pay vast dividends.

Anton Kurak, the last pre-war Terran Charter President, was able to capitalise upon this long tradition of tolerance when conceiving his grand plan to create a united front for the defence of the Storm Zone.

Convinced that war drums were rumbling throughout the Outer Reach even when many Terran politicians preferred to disregard all warning signs, Kurak pressed ahead with his efforts to rally Terra’s neighbours to the defence of not only the Terran Alliance, but their own interests as well.

The core principle of the Alliance of Kurak is strength in unity, and Kurak’s efforts, ably assisted by his friends in the Hawker Consortium, have met with remarkable success. From the savage Veydreth tribes to the enigmatic Tarakians, the vengeful Ryushi, tough-minded Terquai and the Xelocians flotillas; all have answered Kurak’s call to defend both the Storm Zone and their own dominions from the looming threat of the Outer Reach invasion!

Alliance of Kurak Major RacesEdit

  1. Aquan Prime
  2. Sorylian Collective
  3. Terran Alliance

Alliance of Kurak Minor RacesEdit

  1. Hawker Consortium
  2. Ryushi
  3. Tarakians
  4. Terquai
  5. Veydreth
  6. Xelocians